Arcidiacono Malta

Arcidiacono is a well known Maltese business that imports quality furniture from various countries such as Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain. Arcidiacono was found in 1908 by Santo Arcidiacono. He had started off by restoring antiques and selling to them to rich buyers. Thanks to his knowledge he then decided to develop his business by making furniture. His son, Giuseppe Arcidiacono, followed on his father’s footsteps but not only; he also started to import quality furniture from abroad. Since then they never looked back and kept building a reputation for themselves. Nowadays Arcidiacono offers a wide range of selection, from sofas to office furniture, from bedrooms to kitchens and much much more. Today one may visit them at their showroom in Rue D’Argens Gzira. They’ve been in the business for more than 90 years so they definitely know what they’re selling.

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Continental Cars Malta

A well known Maltese business operating locally is Continental Cars. Continental Cars is managed by the Mizzi Organization (which will be discussed some other day). When one mentions Continental Cars, quality is the first thing that comes to mind as they import top car brands. Continental Cars import various brand new cars to sell them to the local market. Their range of cars includes Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and SEAT. They have been importing quality cars for several years. Continental Cars may be found at Msida.

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Businesses in Malta

Malta is a small European country found in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Malta is a made up of a group of islands with Malta, Gozo and Comino being the most important ones. Even though Malta has a population of only 400,000 one finds many businesses in Malta. Obviously there are many local businesses but one may also find many foreign international businesses in Malta. Malta’s climate, manpower and tax benefits make it an attractive option to start a business.

One finds various international businesses operating from Malta. These international businesses operate in a variety of industries such as software, igaming and finance. The size of these businesses vary too as one may find both start ups and well established international businesses in Malta. In the coming weeks we’ll be expanding more on how to open a business in Malta and what businesses are currently located in Malta.